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Online New Zealand Visa (or New Zealand eTA) is an electronic travel authorization for nationals of visa-free nations for short-term stays, tourism or business visitor activities. All non-citizens require a Visa or ETA (Online New Zealand Visa) to enter New Zealand.

1. Complete eTA application

2. Receive eTA by email

3. Enter New Zealand

What is New Zealand eTA (or Online New Zealand Visa)

The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (eTA) is an electronic travel authorization for nationals of visa-free nations.

The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (eTA) is an electronic travel authorization for nationals of visa-free nations. The NZeTA was introduced in 2019, and while it is not a visa, it has been a required entrance document since 2019.

The NZeTA visa waiver is required for the following travelers traveling to New Zealand:

  • Citizens from all 60 visa-free countries
  • Cruise passengers from across the world
  • Passengers in transit to another country (necessary for 191 nationalities)

Citizens and transit passengers from New Zealand eTA eligible nations can easily receive an eTA for New Zealand by completing a simple online application form. There is no requirement to visit an embassy or consulate and completing the eTA New Zealand online application form simply takes a few minutes.

It is a easy process which requires filling an Online New Zealand application form online, this can as little as five (5) minutes to complete. The payment for New Zealand eTA can be made by Debit / Credit card or PayPal. Online New Zealand Visa is issued within 48-72 hours after the application form has been successfully completed and fee paid by the applicant online.

Who requires an New Zealand eTA?

Passport holders from all 60 visa-free countries must apply for an Online New Zealand Visa (or New Zealand eTA) for tourism before traveling to New Zealand. The NZeTA permits most qualified holders to visit New Zealand for up to 90 days without a visa. However UK nationals can enter the NZeTA for up to 6 months.

Even visitors passing through New Zealand on their way to another country must obtain an New Zealand eTA for transit. Passport holders from the 60 visa-free countries mentioned below will require an eTA to enter New Zealand. The rule also applies to children visiting New Zealand.

However from October 1st, 2019 onwards, passport holders from all 60 visa waiver countries are required to apply for a eTA New Zealand Visa before travelling to the country, even if just transiting through New Zealand on the way to a final destination. The Online New Zealand Visa is valid for a total of 2 years .

If you are coming to New Zealand on a cruise ship, you can apply for New Zealand eTA regardless of your nationality. You do not have to be from a New Zealand Visa Waiver country to get New Zealand eTA if mode of arrival is cruise ship.

All citizens of the following 60 countries will now need an eTA to visit New Zealand:


Who is eligible to apply for Online New Zealand Visa (or New Zealand eTA)

All European Union citizens

Other countries

All nationalities are eligible for Online New Zealand Visa (or New Zealande eTA) if coming by Cruise Ship

Citizen of any nationality can apply for an eTA New Zealand Visa (or New Zealand Visa Online) if arriving New Zealand by a cruise ship. However, if traveller is arriving by air, then the traveller must be from a New Zealand Visa Waiver country, then only will NZeTA (New Zealand eTA) be valid for the passenger arriving into the country.

Use the New Zealand eTA Eligibility tool to understand your eligibility for different types of New Zealand eTA.

Which travelers do not require an eTA to visit New Zealand?

To visit New Zealand without a visa, everyone needs an NZeTA unless they are:

The New Zealand eTA IVL

To acquire the NZeTA visa waiver, applicants must pay a minor processing charge as well as the small tourist tax known as International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). The IVL was created as a method for visitors to contribute directly to tourism infrastructure while also helping to maintain the natural environment they enjoy while in New Zealand.

Specifications for the Online New Zealand Visa

Foreign nationals who are permanent residents of Australia (but not Australian citizens) must apply for New Zealand ETA. They are, however, exempt from the accompanying tourist levy. A Crew eTA for New Zealand is required for passenger airline and cruise ship crew. Crew eTA differs from New Zealand eTA in that it is requested by the employer. Other countries that are exempt from the New Zealand eTA visa waiver include:

How does the Online New Zealand Visa (or New Zealand eTA) Operate?

The New Zealand eTA system pre-screens visa-exempt overseas visitors automatically. It verifies that candidates fit the eTA NZ standards and can travel without a visa. The eTA makes border crossing easier, increases security, and makes New Zealand a safer place for residents and visitors. Eligible passport holders can obtain an NZeTA online in three (3) simple steps:

  1. Fill out the online application form.
  2. Submit the request after paying the processing fee.
  3. You will receive the authorized New Zealand electronic travel permission by email.
Applicants for NZeTA do not need to visit an embassy or a visa application center. The entire procedure is done electronically.

Online New Zealand Visa for Tourism, Business, And Transit

The New Zealand Travel Authority is responsible for tourism, business, and transit in the country. The eTA allows for a maximum stay of three months (6 months for UK citizens).

Tourism with New Zealand eTA

Cruise passengers (regardless of nationality) and passport holders from one of the 60 New Zealand eTA approved countries can apply for the New Zealand eTA tourist visa waiver. The most popular reason for obtaining an NZeTA is tourism and vacation. With an eTA, tourists can visit New Zealand many times over a period of two (2) years. They can stay in the nation for up to three (3) months without a tourist visa.

Business Trips with New Zealand eTA

Citizens of a variety of countries can visit New Zealand for business without obtaining a Business Visitor Visa for varying lengths of time depending on their nationality. In order to visit the country for business purposes, visitors from visa-free countries must hold an NZeTA.

New Zealand eTA for airline passengers transiting via Auckland Airport

Passengers with a layover in New Zealand can apply for an NZeTA for transit if they meet the following criteria:

If none of the aforementioned apply, a New Zealand transit visa is necessary. Transit passengers must spend no more than 24 hours on the plane they traveled on or on the international, transit area at Auckland International Airport (AKL).

New Zealand eTA for cruise ship passengers

Tourists from all countries can visit New Zealand on a cruise ship with an NZeTA. Even passport holders from non-visa-waiver countries can enter New Zealand visa-free if they have an eTA. Passengers from visa-free countries must apply for an eTANZ for the trip. Foreigners traveling to New Zealand to board a cruise ship require a visa if their passport does not come from a visa-waiver nation.

Can International Visitors Face Entry Restrictions in New Zealand?

Foreigners must meet all New Zealand admission requirements to gain entry. Visitors must submit the following documents to immigration officers upon arrival in New Zealand:

Visitors must also meet New Zealand's health and character standards, as well as have enough finances to cover their stay. Foreign visitors must also clear customs and immigration. When packing for a trip to New Zealand, passengers should examine the list of items to declare.

What Are the Advantages Of The New Zealand Visa Waiver eTA?

Most travelers arrive well-prepared, having applied for their New Zealand eTA visa waiver in advance rather than waiting until the last minute. This demonstrates that the tourism industry's early concern about the potential for turmoil (huge numbers of travelers arriving at check-in without an eTA) was unfounded.

Here are some of the primary advantages of the Online New Zealand Visa:

Is a Visa or an eTA Required to Visit New Zealand?

Many countries' nationals do not need to apply for a visa to visit New Zealand. Visitors possessing passports from these visa-free countries can alternatively obtain the NZeTA online to enter and remain in New Zealand without a visa. Australians, on the other hand, are automatically granted permission to enter New Zealand and even claim residency. Unless they are passengers on a cruise ship or are exempt for any of the other reasons listed above, citizens of all other nations must apply for a New Zealand visa.

Visa-exempt nationals may also require a visa to visit New Zealand for the following reasons: tourism, business, or transit or for Stays of More Than 30 Days.

Certain visitors to New Zealand may require one of the following types of visas:

Before you Apply for Online New Zealand Visa

Travelers who intend to apply online for Online New Zealand Visa (NZeTA) must fulfil the following conditions:

A Valid passport for travel

The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the departure date, that the date when you leave New Zealand.

There should also be a blank page on the passport so that the Customs Officer can stamp your passport.

A valid Email ID

The applicant will receive New Zealand eTA by email. The form can be complete by the travellers intending to arrive by clicking here Online New Zealand Visa Application Form.

Purpose of visit should be legitimate

The applicant at the time of filing New Zealand eTA application or at the border may be asked to provide purpose of their visit, they must apply for the right type of visa, for a business visit or medical visit, a separate visa should be applied.

Place of stay in New Zealand

The applicant will need to provide their location in New Zealand. (such as Hotel Address, Relative/Friends Address)

Method of Payment

Since the Online New Zealand Visa Application Form is only available online, without a paper equivalent, a valid credit/debit card is required to complete the online New Zealand Visa Online application form.

Documents that the Online New Zealand Visa applicant may be asked at the New Zealand border

Means of supporting themselves

The applicant may be asked to provide evidence that they can financially support and sustain themselves during their stay in New Zealand. Either a bank statement of credit card may be required for an eTA New Zealand Visa applicant.

Onward/return flight or cruise ship ticket

The applicant may be required to show that they intend to leave New Zealand after the purpose of trip for which eTA NZ Visa was applied is over. An appropriate New Zealand Visa is required for a longer stay in New Zealand.

If the applicant does not have an onward ticket, they may provide the proof of funds and ability to buy a ticket in the future.

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