10 Best Restaurants to Explore in Auckland City 

Updated on Jun 04, 2023 | Online New Zealand Visa

Come along on a journey of extraordinary food experience where a culmination of creative, modern yet soulful dishes defining the true New Zealand cuisine would make for an overall classic travel memory of Auckland.

The vibrant city boasts several high-quality fine dining restaurants with breath-taking interiors and plenty of options with variety tastes and preferences spread all over the city. 

Your choice could be to spend days wandering the high-end commercial streets of Auckland coming across plenty of extraordinary fine dining restaurants, or you could find many hidden treasures serving the best of New Zealand cuisine along the harbour with spectacular ocean views. 

In the end, wherever you step in this city you are sure to discover the best food experience defining the true essence of New Zealand cuisine and flavours

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The Blue Breeze Inn, Ponsonby Central

A touch of Chinese and tropical flavours, you can plenty of vegan friendly options at this pacific haven. 

As you stroll past the Ponsonby Road trip, the lovely aroma of baos and dumplings is sufficient to stop you at the point. 

Step into this acclaimed Chinese and Asian food haven for a lovely lunch or dinner experience. 

Dumpling appetisers and fresh ingredients would make a memorable experience and for a more exfoliating feeling try lunch or dinner on terrace to enjoy the neighbourhood breeze and great view. 

The aromatic flavours and strange fusion of Asian Chinese would make your taste buds crave for more no matter how much you try for the new fusion each time. 

The five-flavour eggplant steamed buns are probably the most delectable you will ever come across. 

Try the cafes sitting by the open kitchen to see the beautiful art of dumplings being made by Chinese gourmet specialists with super execution skills. 

For the sweet cravings try going for cheesecake, frozen yoghurt or the chocolate pot which despite the extended waiting time is something worth waiting for!

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Melba Vulcan, Auckland CBD

The iconic cafe located at the heart of Auckland CBD, Melba Vulcan Lane has a rich history dating back to 1995, with the place known for its extraordinary hospitality to corporate customers and tourists from around the world. 

From quick takeaways to sophisticated breakfast and lunch options, the upmarket looking cafe sells everything from great coffee, breakfast to a glass of wine. 

Little has changed in this place from the cafe's original look from the last decade making it a must stop spot for tourists and locals alike. 

The pedestrian only street with trees and open cafes, Vulcan Lane is something best to remind you of an awesome afternoon experience. 

Known for its great cafes, you will come across many others in the cosy and stylish Vulcan street loaded with many delectable coffee houses. 

Talking about the specifically acclaimed Melba Vulcan, you will find a great selection of wines and drinks along with the more than delicious dishes from the menu. 

A place most seeked out by visiting tourists and locals alike, this restaurant set in the trendiest part of Auckland is something to look forward to on your next trip to New Zealand. 

In the most stylish alleyways of New Zealand, you will get a taste from Europe no matter how far you are in the South side of the world. 

No doubt the place would become one of your favourites to dine in the vibrant city of Auckland. 

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Gerome, Parnell Road 

For a Greek dining experience in New Zealand, Gerome restaurant, Parnell Road is the best place to go with. 

For coffee with cream fans this restaurant is the best to go with, besides the open kitchen, charcoal grill and rotisserie, all make the ambience of this place truly an extraordinary dining experience. 

Step into the sophisticated world of Greek food and culture as you put a foot forward into this cosy place in Auckland. 

Be prepared to be transported to the Greek island of Santorini as you delve in smoked labneh or thick Greek yoghurt, taramasalata and pitta bread, considerably the best in Auckland. 

If you have never been to the refreshing islands of Greece, then the aroma of this place is something that would take you right back there with its variety of flavours and renowned but less explored taste of Greek cuisine. 

Sails Restaurant, Westhaven Drive 

If you are looking for an upscale seafood restaurant in Auckland, then Sails is the place to look for. 

Located just minutes away from central Auckland, experience being at the Harbour bridge to witness this restaurant's amazing location. 

Known as the number one seafood restaurant in Auckland, as you indulge in amazing seafood and fine dining experience the vast ocean views with yachts travelling through Westhaven Marina makes this place even more so a complete dinner experience that most tourists come searching for in Auckland. 

For tasting authentic Kiwi cuisine and best flavours in Auckland, this restaurant is the go to place in New Zealand. 

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The Grove Restaurant, Saint Patrick's Square

With a unique approach to food and customer service, The Grove in Central Auckland has been named as one of the top fine dining restaurants in the city and the best in New Zealand by TripAdvisor. 

Renowned as the ninth best restaurant in the world, a seven to nine course meal representing modern New Zealand with French twist is something you would strongly remember about this place besides its cosy and intimate surroundings. 

Be prepared to come across a variety of chef's special signature dishes with quality experience of degustation dining changing with seasonality and market availability. 

For enjoying a night out with friends or family the place is situated just a short walk from the city's iconic landmark, the Skytower. 

Interior and outdoor dining areas give plenty of options to best enjoy your food amidst a quiet ambience being located just next to St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

Culprit, Auckland CBD

Nostalgic kiwi cuisine with a modern touch, the menu here focuses on local produce and dishes from farmers making it a one of a kind place to dine in Auckland. 

A dining vibe you won't easily forget given its trolley style service to awaken the senses in small bites is one among many unique things to observe at this place. Located in Central Auckland's CBD the 90's hip hop creates the vibe of the place. 

The restaurant's core philosophy is to work with local food producers, farmers and local producers from New Zealand. Driven by seasonality and sustainability, Culprit's menu promotes a unique and creative dining experience. 

Kyle Street, the founding figure of this one-of-a-kind restaurant in Auckland is one of the renowned figures in the food scene of New Zealand. 

Everything about this place makes it an equally fun and sophisticated place to visit on your trip to Auckland for a fulfilling kiwi cuisine experience. 

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Ahi, Queen Street 

Harbour views and stunning light filled interiors make this place worth exploring in Auckland's Commercial Bay. 

Set in a supremely commercial setting in Auckland, the stunning interior of the place with large glass windows looking out to the Waitemata Harbour. 

The restaurant promotes Ahi's own kitchen garden in south Auckland as well as a combination of Maori traditional dishes. 

Although not labelled as fine dining dishes, the presentation and heart-warming dishes on the plate make it worth exploring for every bite. 

The centrepiece of attraction in the restaurant includes its open kitchen and oak wood textured roof and decor. 

The open ocean harbour views mainly contribute in creating an awesome interior dining experience making it one of the top restaurants to see in Auckland. 

Paris Butter, Jervois Road  

A combination of fun yet innovative dining experience, you will find interpretative New Zealand cuisine inspired by travel and memories. 

A strong emphasis on seasons, textures and flavours, the balanced menu at Paris Butter with a six course meal is designed to bring out the best food experience in New Zealand. 

House cocktails and wide collection of international wines further elevate the dishes. For a sophisticated dining experience, the restaurant's fantastic service and interiors make for an overall fine dining experience. 

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The Sugar Club, Sky Tower 

A fine dining experience in the sky, The Sugar Club sits 53 floors above the vibrant city of Auckland with stunning views looking over the Hauraki Gulf. 

There is no better way to elevate your New Zealand cuisine experience than the one you can get in such a chic and relaxed atmosphere. 

The menu explicitly focuses on seasonality, local sustainable products, many plant based food options and creative flavours from around the world. 

A well curated wine list, chic atmosphere and breath-taking views of Auckland City makes this place a never to forget dining experience. 

Onslow, Princes Street

Celebrating the best local produce from Auckland and all-over New Zealand, the dining experience here references the old world but is yet modern with its flavours and each experiential cuisine.  

Find the curious combination of food curated by Josh Emett's journey from New York, London, and back to the land of Aotearoa located right at the heart of Auckland's one of historic landmarks. 

A sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere of the place makes you feel the true sense of classic vibes redefined with impeccable service, extraordinary dishes, and creativity with style embedded in its every cuisine.

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