Online New Zealand Visa for Austria Citizens

Online New Zealand Visa from Austrian

New Zealand Visa from Austria

New Zealand eTA for Austrian citizens

Online New Zealand Visa Eligibility

  • Austrian citizens can apply for an New Zealand eTA
  • Austria was a launch member of the New Zealand eTA program
  • Austrian citizens enjoy fast entry using the New Zealand eTA program

Other New Zealand eTA Requirements

  • Austrian citizens can apply for Online New Zealand Visa
  • Online New Zealand Visa is valid for arrival by air and cruise ship
  • Online New Zealand Visa is for short tourist, business, transit visits
  • You must be over 18 to apply for an Online New Zealand Visa otherwise require a parent/guardian

What is the New Zealand eTA for Austrian citizens?

The electronic Travel Authority or New Zealand eTA or Online New Zealand Visa is a visa waiver system for those countries who have the special right of being Visa Free, in other words do no need to visit New Zealand embassy. They have the luxury, comfort and right to an electronic visa waiver which is an entry requirement for visa-exempt countries. You will be please to know that as Austrian Citizen, you qualify for NZeTA.

Austrian citizens can travel to New Zealand without requiring a visa and stay in New Zealand for 90 day or 3 months. This special treatment of application for an expedited travel to New Zealand is known as authorisation or eTA or Electronic Travel Authorisation. This eTA was introduced in 2019 for the comfort of Austrian citizens.

In order to obtain the NZeTA, Austrian citizens should apply for a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) before and are recommended to apply 4-7 days before their flight or cruise journey to New Zealand. This Online New Zealand Visa or New Zealand eTA is valid for both travel by air or by ocean, i.e. by Plance or Cruise Ship.

When you received NZ eTA or Online New Zealand Visa it is linked electronically to your passport. Immigration staff at the airport are aware of this NZ eTA Visa. This travel authorisation is an electronic system of record, and the tourists to New Zealand can obtain electronic confirmation without the hassle or discomfort of visiting the New Zealand Embassy or Consulate. After Austrian citizens have obtained, the NZeTA remains electronically linked to the visitors passport, removing the physical stamp or courier requirements. You can visit airport or seaport with electronic copy of NZETA (or Online New Zealand Visa) for any passport upon arrival.

Do Austrian Citizens need a visa for visiting New Zealand?

Austria passport holders can visit to New Zealand without a visa, in other words they are Visa Waiver country and eligible for an NZETA and stay for as much as 90 days continuously on a single visit.

However, Austrian citizens ought to apply for an Online New Zealand Visa before departure to New Zealand.

Since 2019, a New Zealand eTA from Austria has been a mandatory requirement for all Austrian travelers heading to New Zealand for a period of three months or less.

To live for longer than 90 days, or to work, stay, different type of Visa is required by the Austrian citizens.

Online New Zealand Visa Valid for the Austrian Citizens is valid for Tourist, Business or Transit

The NZeTA is available for citizens of 60 visa-waiver countries, which include the Austria.

The electronic travel authority or ETA can be used to visit New Zealand for tourism or commercial enterprise functions in addition to transit.

Do I need New Zealand eTA to travel from Austria to New Zealand on a cruise ship?

Austrian passport holders arriving in New Zealand on a cruise deliver can obtain for an NZeTA for New Zealand.

The process is similar should the visitor need to arrive by sea mode of travel. Visitors should apply New Zealand eTA three days before their cruise ship journey.

Can I transit in New Zealand with an NZeTA from the Austria?

Austrian citizens can journey through Auckland International Airport (AKL) with a transit NZeTA.

As a passenger in transit, a Austria passport holder is needed to stay either at the plane they arrived on or within the transit region of the airport.

If you need to exit the transit zone then you need to apply for regular New Zealand eTA and pay the IVL (International Visitor Levy).

The most time that may be spent in New Zealand in transit is 24 hours.

What are the Onlne New Zealand Visa requirements or NZETA requirements for Austrian Citizens?

Just a few key requirements are needed to met for a New Zealand eTA from the Austria:

  • Austria passport valid for at the least three months past the arrival date into New Zealand
  • Credit or debit card to pay for the visa waiver and the traveller levy
  • An image of face photo that needs to be uploaded digitally. Travellers do not need to take photo by professional, you can take photo by mobile phone.

How long does it take to get an NZeTA for Austrian Citizens ?

Most of the approvals for New Zealand Visa or NZeTA for Austrian citizens are approved within 3 business days.

However, visitors are recommended to apply at the least 4-7 business days in advance of their departure date to avoid last minute rush. delay and disappointment.

How long can can a Austrian citizen stay in New Zealand with an eTA?

The New Zealand eTA for Austrian citizens validity is as follows:

  • Multiple trips to New Zealand
  • Valid for travel up to 2 years or until the passport expires
  • Stay of up to 90 days

Further key noteworthy points about Applying for NZ ETA for New-Zealand for Austrian Citizens

Travelers who want to use for Electronic-Travel-Authorization New Zealand should have:

Valid passport

The applicant’s passport need to be valid for as a minimum 6 months past the date you will leave New Zealand. In addition, it need to have at least one blank web page.

Email to receive communication

The applicant have to provide an appropriate email deal with as the eta NZ can be delivered to you via email.

Travel reason

The applicant may be ask to offer proof of your travel purpose or journey itinerary in New Zealand.

Resident Address

The applicant may be asked to provide their local address of stay in New Zealand. (for example, Hotel Address, Relative Address, …)

Means of Payment

A legitimate credit/debit card to pay the price for Online New Zealand Visa or NZETA

Austrian Citizens may also be asked the following upon arrival at the immigration of New Zealand:

Means of sustenance

The applicant can be requested to provide evidence that they can financially sustain himself in New Zealand.

Return flight ticket

The applicant may need to show their return ticket upon arrival or if they don't have one, then they will have to provide evidence that they have the financial means of purchasing one.

New Zealand eTA Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the key Online New Zealand Visa or NZeTA requirements for Austrian citizens?

New Zealand eTA Application Information

The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) is a digital visa waiver introduced in 2019. It lets in eligible visitors permit to New Zealand for tourism, commercial enterprise, or transit purposes while not having to go through the hassle of filing visa paperwork at an embassy.

It is now an obligatory requirement for visa waiver nationalities, as well as cruise deliver passengers of all nationalities, including permanent citizens of Australia, and transit passengers, to have the eTA NZ to tour to New Zealand.

Once you follow the process, it takes from 3-7 days to obtain NzeTA.

The New Zealand eTA lets visitors in the country for multiple entries for 90 days or less, the NZETA itself is valid for 2 years.

The eTA New Zealand for airline and cruise crew is valid for 5 years from the date of approval.

Austrian Citizens can apply via the simple New Zealand eTA here online.

Applicants are required to fill within the New Zealand eTA application question and any past criminal history or whether their intent is about medical treatment in New Zealand.

It is likewise essential to pay a processing fee called the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) so that you can receive an approved eTA for New Zealand via email and be allowed permission to enter, as opposed only to Transit.

Austrian Citizens wishing to journey to New Zealand for longer stays beyond the 90 days period, or to work, will require a Work or Resident visa and need to contact their nearest New Zealand Embassy or Consulate for in addition information.

How can Austrian citizens get approved eTA for New Zealand?

Once you have finished the NZeTA online, the affirmation of the travel authorization will be emailed to you by email. A confirmation will be sent on the same day of application being completed.

If any additional photograph is required, Austrian Citizens will be contacted by email.

The NZeTA will be linked to the passport that was registered in the on-line form. When the passport is scanned at border manage, the travel authorization will be checked by the border officer. It is also useful to print a copy of the e-mail of NZETA.

Do Austrian Citizens need an NzeTA?

Citizens of visa waiver international locations can practice for an NZeTA on line, which is compulsory now for entering New Zealand.

Below are the types of Visitors who are required to possess an NzeTA:

  1. Are coming from a visa waiver country like Austria
  2. Are transiting through Auckland International Airport to any other airport and coming from Austria
  3. Visting for sightseeing of meeting relatives and arriving from Austria
  4. Are transiting via Auckland International Airport as a transit passenger to or from Australia have a permanent resident visa for Australia that lets you go back to Australia from any other country
  5. Are a cruise ship passenger.

Who is exempt from applying for New Zealand eTA or Online New Zealand Visa from Austria?

The following persons from Austria do not require Online New Zealand Visa

  • Australian or New Zealand residents
  • Permanent residents of New Zealand
  • Consular Visa holders
  • Member of, or someone associated with, a scientific application or day trip from the Contracting Party to the Antarctic Treaty
  • A member of a military journeying in the regular part of your employment or duty.

Other Frequently Askes Questions

How long is the New Zealand eTA valid for Austrian citizens?

The eTA New Zealand permits Austrian to stay for 3 months. Austrian can enter multiple times in a 2 year period.

Is the eTA for New Zealand valid for multiple entries for Austrian Citizens?

Yes, the eTA New Zealand is valid for multiple entries all through its validity, not like some other journey authorizations that are valid only for a single entry.

Can Austrian Citizens use NZeTA Visa for Tourism?

Yes, the newly introduced NZeTA is valid for travelers from a visa waiver country like Austria. That desire to visit New Zealand for tourism (sightseeing, visiting own family and/or friends, taking part in events and excursion), or if they're in transit through New Zealand.

How do Austrian Citizens pay for the Online New Zealand Visa or NZeTA?

As everything is completed online, you may to finish the transaction with an digital price. This may be you credit card along with MasterCard, American Express or Visa.

How do I receive the NzeTA as a Austrian Citizen?

Once the application is submitted and processed, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail. Following the confirmation e-mail, you'll receive an approval e-mail with NZeTA details. The visa details will continue to be linked on your passport. It is a very simple and easy process.

How long can I live in New Zealand as a Tourist from Austria with the Online New Zealand Visa?

The NZ Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) permits you to live a most of 90 days according to entry, but allows a couple of entries and is valid for two years for transit or tourism purposes.

11 Things To Do and Places of Interest for Austrian Citizens

  • Hit the Christchurch markets
  • Take the ferry to Waiheke Island
  • Free live music at the Darkroom
  • Visit The International Antarctic Centre
  • Get a photo with Split Apple Rock, Abel Tasman
  • Get deep underground in Nelson
  • Go kayaking underground in Waitomo
  • Go On a Scenic Helicopter flight Over Milford Sound
  • Learn about Maori culture in Rotorua
  • Taste a tipple in Hawke’s Bay
  • Jet boating in Queenstown

Consulate General of Austria in Wellington, New Zealand


75 Ghuznee St, Level 4, P.O. Box 9395 , Wellington 6011, New Zealand





Please apply for a New Zealand eTA 72 hours in advance of your flight.