New Zealand eTA for a UK native

Updated on Sep 17, 2023 | Online New Zealand Visa

British natives are now required to obtain an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) when traveling to New Zealand for vacations, business, or transit purposes. This travel requirement has been in effect since 2019 and applies to citizens of visa-free countries, including UK natives.

New Zealand Visa (NZeTA)

New Zealand eTA Application Form now allows visitors from all nationalities to obtain New Zealand eTA (NZETA) by email without visiting New Zealand Embassy. New Zealand Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online. New Zealand Immigration now officially recommends Online New Zealand Visa or New Zealand ETA online rather than sending paper documents. You can obtain New Zealand eTA by filling out a form on this website and making the payment using a Debit or Credit Card. You will also require a valid email id as New Zealand eTA information will be sent to your email id. You do not need visit an embassy or consulate or to send your passport for Visa stamping. If you are arriving to New Zealand by the Cruise Ship route, you should check the New Zealand ETA eligibility conditions for Cruise Ship arrival to New Zealand.

Criteria for the New Zealand visa waiver in the United Kingdom

UK natives who hold British passports and are transiting through the International Airport of Auckland on their way to another country are obligated to obtain the NZeTA. This electronic travel authority has been implemented to streamline the visa waiver program, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free process for UK natives.

Applying for the New Zealand eTA as a British citizen is straightforward and easily accessible. The online NZeTA application is intended to be user-friendly, making it convenient for UK natives to complete the process without complications.

New Zealand eTA Requirement for UK Natives

UK natives are required to obtain a New Zealand eTA before traveling to the country. While holders of UK passports do not must submit a visa application in advance, obtaining an eTA is mandatory.

The New Zealand eTA for UK natives remains valid for up to two years from the issuance date or until the UK passport's expiry, whatever happens first. Within this validity period, UK natives can make Several journeys to New Zealand.

It is important to note that every visit to New Zealand using the eTA must not go beyond six months. This regulation ensures that UK travelers comply with the maximum duration allowed for each visit.

From October 2019 New Zealand Visa requirements have changed. People who do not require a New Zealand Visa i.e. formerly Visa Free nationals, are required to obtain New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization (NZeTA) in order to enter New Zealand. Learn more at Online New Zealand Visa Eligible Countries.

Applying for the NZeTA from the United Kingdom: Step-by-Step Guide for UK Natives

Obtaining the NZeTA for British citizens can be done conveniently online in three simple steps:

From the comfort of your UK residence, fill out the Application for NZeTA online. Ensure you provide accurate and up-to-date information, including personal details, passport information, travel plans, and any additional required documentation.

  • Step 2: eTA and IVL tourist fees must be paid.

After applying, proceed to make the payment for the NZeTA and the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) fee. You can securely pay these fees using a credit or debit card. Ensuring that all fees are paid before proceeding to the next step is important.

  • Step 3: Obtain the NZeTA before traveling to New Zealand.

Once your application and payment have been successfully processed, the New Zealand authorities will review your NZeTA. If approved, the NZeTA will be electronically issued and emailed to you. When traveling to New Zealand, carrying a printed or electronic copy of the approved NZeTA is crucial, as it may be required for verification at the airport.

Find All the Details About the New Zealand Visa Registration Process and Form Instructions. Completing a New Zealand Visa application is quick and easy. Filling out the online form takes minutes, and you don't have to go to an embassy or consulate. Learn more at New Zealand Visa Application Form.

Documents Needed by British native application for an eTA in New Zealand

To successfully Application for NZeTAsubmit an NZeTA application from the United Kingdom, British citizens need to ensure they have the following paperwork:

  • Acceptable British passport:
  1. The passport must be adequate for at least three weeks after the anticipated departure date by way of New Zealand.
  2. At least three months should pass after the intended departure date by way of New Zealand for the passport to remain valid.
  3. The passport must indicate that the holder is eligible to stay in the UK permanently.
  • Online Application for NZeTA Completed:
  1. British citizens must fill out the Application for NZeTA online.
  2. The application form should be completed accurately and include all required information.
  3. You must include your personal information, passport details, trip itinerary, and any other relevant facts.
  • Technique for Payment:
  1. credit or debit card: Applicants need a valid credit or debit card to make the payment for the NZeTA and the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) fees (if applicable).
  2. The payment is typically made securely online during the application process.

Travellers seeking to enter New Zealand visa-free with an electronic travel authority (NZeTA) must fulfil certain requirements. These NZeTA requirements include having the necessary documents, meeting the entry criteria for NZeTA, and being citizens of visa-waiver countries. This page provides a comprehensive explanation of each of these requirements to facilitate the New Zealand eTA application process. Learn more at New Zealand eTA Application Requirements.

Information Needed for UK natives for the NZeTA application to be completed

When completing the online Application for NZeTA as a UK citizen, the following information needs to be provided:

Individual Data: Give your entire legal name exactly as it appears on your passport.

Date of Birth: Type your birthdate in the format requested.

Your current residence address should be listed.

Contact information: Give a current and reliable email address that you use frequently for contact.

Data on a passport: Enter your passport number here exactly as it appears on your passport.

Nationality: Indicate if you are British or a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Date of Issue and Expiration: Indicate the day your passport was issued and when it expires.

Travel Schedule: Hotel Reservations: Describe your reservations for hotels in New Zealand, including their names and addresses.

Dates: Indicate the dates that you want to visit New Zealand.

Additional Details: Answer questions about your visit's objective, whether it be for travel, business, or pleasure.

Criminal background: To guarantee compliance with NZeTA rules, answer questions about any criminal background.

Note: For applicants who are parents or guardians applying for a child, both the applicant's and the child's details should be provided on the Application for NZeTA.

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Applying from the UK for a transit NZeTA

British nationals are permitted to transit through New Zealand without obtaining a visa by application for a valid NZeTA transit visa waiver.

The following recommendations are applicable while using the NZeTA to travel around New Zealand:

NZeTA Transit Visa Waiver Valid:

  • British natives who wish to transit through New Zealand without obtaining a separate visa must possess a current NZeTA transit visa waiver.
  • Passengers in transit are permitted to stay in New Zealand for up to 24 hours under the NZeTA.

Locations due to transit at:

Transit passengers must always remain in designated locations at the International Airport of Auckland (AKL).

The plane and the designated transit space at the airport are two examples of these locations.

Continuity of Transit:

Transit users are required to keep their total transit time at AKL under 24 hours.

Planning your journey carefully will help you stay within the allotted time frame.

Levy on Conservation and Tourism for International Visitors (IVL):

The International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) is not applicable to transit users.

Therefore, British natives traveling through New Zealand do not have to pay the IVL cost.

New Zealand has a new entry requirement known as the Online New Zealand Visa or eTA New Zealand Visa for short visits, vacations, or professional visitor activities. To enter New Zealand, all non-citizens must have a valid visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA). Learn more at Online New Zealand Visa.

NZeTA Requirement for British tourists on cruises Traveling to New Zealand

Like traveling by plane to New Zealand, British tourists on cruises are required to obtain an NZeTA.

Here are the important details regarding the NZeTA requirement for British tourists on cruises:

  • NZeTA Requirement:
  1. British tourists on cruises must apply for an NZeTA before their visit to New Zealand.
  2. The NZeTA serves as authorization to enter the country.
  • Duration of Stay:
  1. With a valid NZeTA, cruise passengers are permitted to spend a maximum of 28 days in New Zealand.
  2. Alternatively, if the passenger ship departs before the 28-day limit, their permission to stay will be valid until the departure of the passenger ship.

Travellers seeking to enter New Zealand visa-free with an electronic travel authority (NZeTA) must fulfil certain requirements. These NZeTA requirements include having the necessary documents, meeting the entry criteria for NZeTA, and being citizens of visa-waiver countries. This page provides a comprehensive explanation of each of these requirements to facilitate the New Zealand eTA application process. Learn more at New Zealand eTA Application Requirements.

Processing Time for the New Zealand eTA Application from the UK: Step-by-Step Guide for UK Natives

When UK natives eTA apply for New Zealand from the UK, it is advisable to submit their application at least three a few days before their intended departure date.

Although the majority of eTA Application processing and approval occurs. within a shorter timeframe, typically within one business day, it is important to be aware that the processing time may occasionally be longer. Delays can arise due to factors such as incomplete information or a high demand for eTA processing.

Using the NZeTA to Enter New Zealand from the UK: Step-by-Step Guide for UK Natives

Upon approval, UK natives applying for the NZeTA from the UK will obtain the authorized NZeTA via email. It is advisable to Print a minimum of one copy. of the approved NZeTA for reference. Additionally, the NZeTA is an electronic connection to the passport used during the online application process.

It is crucial for UK natives with an approved NZeTA to use a single passport to visit New Zealand in the same manner as when filling out the application form online. Using a different passport may lead to complications and could invalidate the NZeTA.

Once in New Zealand, UK natives with a valid NZeTA, you may remain for a maximum of six months. The NZeTA allows for various purposes of visit, including tourism, leisure activities, and business engagements. Whether exploring scenic landscapes, enjoying recreational activities, or conducting business, UK travelers can make the most of their extended stay in New Zealand with a valid NZeTA.

New Zealand eTA is an Express Option for Time-Crunched Travelers. The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority now has an Urgent option (NZeTA). The Urgent NZeTA allows applicants to acquire approved travel paperwork urgently for emergency travel. Learn more at Urgent New Zealand Visa.

Requirements upon Arrival in New Zealand from the UK

When arriving in New Zealand from the UK, travelers are required to present the following documentation:

  • UK Passport Registered to the NZeTA:
  1. Travelers need to present their UK passport, which should be the same passport registered to their NZeTA.
  2. The passport must be valid for the duration of their stay in New Zealand.
  • Copy of the NZeTA:
  1. Travelers should have a printed or electronic copy of the approved NZeTA obtained during the application process.
  2. This documentation serves as proof of authorization to enter New Zealand.
  • Completed Arrival Card:
  1. Passengers are provided with an arrival card during their flight to New Zealand.
  2. The arrival card must be completed with accurate information and, upon arrival, handed to immigration authorities. 
  • Ticket for departure or return:

Travelers may be required to provide evidence of a Ticket for departure or return to confirm their intention to leave New Zealand within the allowed timeframe.

Upon arrival, both the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and the New Zealand Customs Service conduct checks to ensure compliance with criteria for biosecurity and customs It is important for UK travelers to cooperate with the authorities and adhere to the regulations in place for a smooth entry into New Zealand.

Visa Requirements for Travel from the UK to New Zealand

British citizens may demand a visa instead of an NZeTA for travel to New Zealand under the following circumstances:

  • Non-compliance with NZeTA Requirements:
  1. If British citizens do not meet all the requirements for obtaining an NZeTA, they will submit a visa application.
  2. This could be due to reasons such as having a criminal history or not meeting the necessary eligibility criteria for the NZeTA.
  • Purpose of Visit:
  1. If the purpose of the visit to New Zealand is not for business, travel, or tourism, a visa will be required.
  2. A specific visa category is applicable for other purposes, such as work, study, or joining family members.
  • Duration of Stay:
  1. British citizens planning to stay in New Zealand for over six months must submit a visa application.

The NZeTA allows for a maximum stay of six months, and any longer duration requires a visa.

Applying for a New Zealand visa involves a more complex process than the NZeTA. Travelers who demand a visa should initiate the application process at least a few months.s in advance of their intended travel date. This allows sufficient time to gather the required supporting documents and complete the visa application accurately to ensure a smooth and timely approval process.

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Registration with the UK Embassy in New Zealand for a British native

British natives planning to travel to New Zealand are strongly advised to register with the UK embassy before their departure.

Benefits of Embassy Registration:

By registering with the embassy, British tourists can avail themselves of the following benefits:

  • Travel Advisory Updates:
  1. Registered tourists receive timely travel advisory updates from the embassy.
  2. These updates provide important information and guidance to help ensure a safe and well-informed trip to New Zealand.
  • Assistance in Exceptional Circumstances:
  1. British natives who opt-in for the embassy's registration service can receive prompt assistance in exceptional circumstances.
  2. This includes situations such as natural disasters or other emergencies requiring immediate support.
  • Enhanced Communication with Family Members:
  1. Embassy registration enables easier communication between British native in New Zealand and their family members back in the UK during emergencies.
  2. In case of an emergency, family members can contact the embassy to inquire about the well-being and safety of their loved ones.

Enrolling for Embassy Registration:

Enrolling with the UK Embassy in New Zealand is a simple process. When applying for an NZeTA through the designated website, holders of British passports may use the UK Embassy Registration option on the payment page.This will facilitate the registration process and ensure appropriate support and updates are provided during their time in New Zealand.

By registering with the UK Embassy in New Zealand, British native can enhance their safety and receive important information, guidance, and assistance when needed. Taking advantage of this service before traveling to New Zealand is highly recommended.

New Zealand eTA is an e-visa which can be used for the purpose of travel, business, or transit related purposes. Instead of a traditional visa, visitors from visa waiver countries of New Zealand can apply for a NZeTA to visit the country. Learn more at Complete Tourist Guide to Traveling with New Zealand eTA.

Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for your Online New Zealand Visa. If you are from a Visa Waiver country then you can apply for an Online New Zealand Visa or New Zealand eTA regardless of the mode of travel (Air / Cruise). United States citizens, European citizens, Canadian citizens, United Kingdom citizens, French citizens, Spanish citizens and Italian citizens can apply online for New Zealand eTA. United Kingdom residents can stay on New Zealand eTA for 6 months while others for 90 days.

Please apply for an Online New Zealand Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight.