Skilled Migration New Zealand

With the nation currently experiencing a skills shortage, applicants who possess relevant qualifications are eligible to enter New Zealand under the skilled migrant’s category. 

Of special interest are those with qualifications in education, health and medicine, information and communications technology, agriculture and farming, engineering and tradesmen.  All applicants must be aged between 20 and 55 and must meet certain health, education, character and English proficiency criterion.

Interested parties may submit an Expression of Interest on the Immigration New Zealand website.  The website also offers further information on desired skills and the regions of New Zealand in which they would be best suited.  An Expression of Interest applicant is awarded points based on their relevant skills, qualifications and experience. 

Every two weeks, Immigration New Zealand invites applicants with an Expression of Interest score of 140 and over to apply for a visa.  Applicants with an EOI score of 100 – 140 (inclusive) are further scrutinised, and a selected few are issued an invitation.

Applicants who are invited to apply for a visa must then submit proof of their experience.  This may take the form of academic transcripts, university degrees, references from previous employers and evidence of any awards received.  The applicant must also provide proof of their health and good character, in the form of medical records and a recommendation from the police in their home country.  They must also prove their English speaking abilities. 

Family members who will be moving to New Zealand with the applicant must also provide these references.

INZ will then deny or approve the application.  If it is approved, the applicant will either be issued a full residential visa or permit, or will be issued a temporary, nine month residential visa or permit.  If the applicant finds gainful employment within those nine months, thus proving they are able to contribute to New Zealand society, they will then be issued a full residential visa.